Hey eBay, why don't you do something USEFUL?

I am absolutely SICK of getting scammed on eBay. It's funny how eBay keeps adding new rules which make it harder and harder for legit customers to buy and sell items while they do nothing about all the assholes out there who screw legitimate buyers and sellers all the time. Stop raising fees and start making rules that prevent me from getting screwed all the time. That's what I want.

Here are some perfect examples of how people get screwed on eBay:

It's become a common practice for people to sign up new usernames on eBay and intentionally bid on competing items (or Buy-it-now), to remove the competition so their item will sell for a couple of pennies higher. And then of course, not pay for it (sure go ahead, give their dummy screenname a negative feedback, see if they give a damn). Anyway my friend got screwed selling a bunch of game tickets that way.

And eBay does NOTHING to stop it! It used to be that 1 out of 10 or so auctions, you'd find yourself involved with a non-paying bidder, and you'd just relist the item and eat the couple of bucks you lost on listing fees. Either that or log into your eBay account several times a day, for several weeks, and keep updated on the status of your non-paying bidder, keep on letting eBay know that "yes indeed, the jackass still has not paid for his won item", and then, after long hard work and effort, you'd receive your listing fee back, but I think you're still screwed on your final value fee, which is the big one... But anyway, it used to happen every once-in-so-often. Now it happens like every time. I had to list an item 4 times before someone won it and actually payed for it. What kind of crap is that? The item also went down $50 during the period of time (about a month) when I kept relisting the item. So I got screwed out of pocket about $50 plus another at least $10 in listing fees.

eBay recently added a new feature: You can set up an auction so that someone with a (-1) or lower feedback cannot bid on your auction. Congratulations eBay, real smart there. How about setting up eBay so that anyone with the word "Jackass" printed on their forehead can't bid on my items? How about doing something actually smart, like a rating system where people can only bid on items within their designated allowance, eg. A person with less than 5 feedback can only bid on items up to $30, people with less than 20 feedback can't bid on items over $500, etc. (unless of course they email the seller and he gives them special permission to bid on his item). How about that, eBay? Now I'm a stupid moron who took Calculus 1 twice, Chem 1 twice, and Calculus 2 three times, and I can think of that, but you can't.


How about those stupid moron last-second bidders who think they've got a steal by winning your auction for a 42' Plasma TV for $.99 without realizing that there's $400 shipping on it? Then they have the nerve to leave you a negative feedback because they are a stupid moron who didn't look at the shipping costs before bidding. Then there are those idiots who email you while your auction is up, begging for a bargain on shipping. I'm charging $20 shipping on a $400 cell phone and they want cheaper shipping. How about, "quit wasting my time, bitch". You see, it's really simple: Those of us with actual brains figure the shipping costs into our bids, and bid accordingly, meaning that if the shipping was $10 less, the auction would probably be bid up another $10 by a person who is not a total retard.


Anyway, here is how to get screwed "less" on eBay.


Also, be careful when accepting payments from someone using PayPal, for non-auctions. (this means your friend Dave owes you $100 bucks and he PayPal's it over to you instead of driving his lazy ass over to your house and just handing it to you). You can get screwed. If some jerk claims he never got Dave's MP3 Player, or whatever he shipped out to the guy, the guy can claim for a refund and what happens is, it subtracts the value out of Dave's account. However, if Dave doesn't have money in the account, it subtracts it out of the account of anyone who Dave sent a non-eBay payment to (you). I know, it's outrageous, but it really happened to a friend of mine, so I know it can happen. It's probably somewhere there in their 5-million word agreement which nobody ever reads and just hits the "I agree" on, too.


Anyway, if you follow all of these guidelines, you will probably get screwed on eBay just a tad bit less. I'm sorry but this is really the best I can do. If you don't like getting screwed, then just don't use eBay.......or have friends.......or talk to people.......or anything.


UPDATE (7/20/2005): About that "taking calculus 2 three times" thing.... I just got back my grade and I finally passed it! With and A-, too!!!