Your rant's up, now quit bitching.

    Plenty of things piss me off, but some dickwad looking to gain world fame by posting his rant on my shitty website definitely takes the cake. Can I go out and get some fuckin' burgers in peace without being called up, texted, and nagged by just about everyone I know, who you've somehow managed to convince that this article is worthy of interrupting my meal for?

When I write a new article, I don't go logging onto all my shitty blog sites, myspace, and myspace imitation sites I'm sadly a member of and start spamming on all the forums with topic names like "OMFG, CHECK OUT MY LATEST RANT TEH LOLL!!!!! :angel smiley!!:ONE!!!111". I simply upload my latest article to the site and shut the fuck up. It's really that simple. I know I kick ass. A bunch of losers telling me how awesome my rants are, especially after I impatiently tell them 30 times to read it, and then ask them how good it was another 20 times, isn't exactly my impression of getting a meaningful opinion anyway.

And here's an actual idea for all you famous-wannabees: How about actually inventing something new and creative instead of just posting random bullshit onto someone else's website because you're too cheap to afford a whopping three dollars and fifty cents a month it costs to maintain your own site. In the meantime, you can keep submitting your horrendous crap to digg and keep wondering why nobody gives a shit.