Why DELL are a bunch of assholes:

How to properly score yourself a seat on a NYC subway train:

Monopolies and big businesses kick ass.

Your rant's up, now quit bitching.

Funny AIM convo...


If you've got nothing to talk about, just hang up the damn phone.


cool! widgets!

I got this new program yesterday called "Konfabulator". Yes, everyone's been talking about it because Yahoo! just bought it off whoever, and it's now totally free...Anyway you can add this stuff called "widgets" to your screen, basically "OSX Tiger dashboard components" to your PC, but one that particularly caught my interest was the world population clock. Now I no longer need to hear about people who "know somebody who just squeezed one out" to get all upset and down. I can actually see it happening live on my desktop.... On a happier note, I'll be keeping a close look on the counter when there's another terrorist attack or something....not like I promote terrorism or anything (I DON'T), but I think it would be kind of cool to see the counter actually go down for a change. Other interesting widgets include a Craig's List watcher, a guitar tuner, a live sun, and well, you get the's sort of cool if you're running two screens and don't really have anything to do with the second one. Otherwise, you can set up all your widgets in "Konspose" mode -- which reminds me even more of the Tiger dashboard. Well, have fun with it.


Hey eBay, why don't you do something USEFUL?

News pisses me off.

What has a virus ever done to YOU?

Jury Duty sucks ass.

How to master an interview:

Appreciate what?

So I had an interview today for a summer internship. While I'm there, the guy happens to mention that this is an "unpaid internship", something which he failed to mention before I bothered dragging my ass over there in the first place. So like a polite person, I sat there through the entire interview, instead of just throwing my chair over and storming the hell out of there. But then he starts with the "You know, it's not supposed to be easy; back when I was your age I was working three part-time jobs, and in school" -- to which I decided, hell with it, and responded, "yeah, you gotta make sure you wear those connies..."
Well, we'll see if I get the job...

I just found out that my friend is gonna be Mechalel Shabbas.

My friend just told me that he purchased tickets to the Friday night Judas Priest show (and has all intentions of going to it). Now normally I'd be upset and say something, but this is Judas Priest, so I guess I can understand...


I just want you all to know that I would take a crap on Snake's articles, if it meant having to do that to be able to deliver this news to you. I've used the "Holy Shit" in vein yesterday. Please, dear lord of shit, forgive me for uttering your name in vein. KROCK changing their format is what truly deserves to have your name sounded!
That's right, New York folks. They've listened! They've listened to the silence of our radios as we switched them off to listen to our jukeboxes because KROCK couldn't provide. Come to think of it, maybe I actually will get some use out of that FM tuner on my iRiver H140 Jukebox now. A friend mentioned this news to me and I didn't believe him. But then my brother called me to confirm it, and well I put it on. In the short amount of time they played Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Velvet Revolver, Pink Floyd, Guns 'N Roses, Tom Petty, and Led Zeppelin. Man, this totally kicks ass. Even more than my stupid website.
Oh, and if you go to, they actually let you choose your favorite bands because now they're letting us choose the music! Man, this rules...
On a smaller note, there have been several updates to the RANTS! section. Chaos, meat_apparatus!, and (on a smaller note), Hydark, all updated within the last 24 hours. Enjoy!

A funny story about me at the train station

I've been meaning to write about this one for a while now, but what the hell, I finally got around to it:

The other week, on my way home from work/school I came into the train station to find that I had just missed the train. This is usually when I start running around the train station acting like a maniac and screaming while all the people walk past me on their way out of the station (I love freaking people out!), but this time I decided to keep it cool because I had 'just made it' a couple of times before, and I was well overdue for a time that I would 'just miss it'. So anyway I'm standing there patiently while everyone is clicking through the turnstile on their way out of the station (probably laughing at me because they know I just missed the train and am waiting for them to all come out, so I can go in) when I spot this woman. Now I'm not usually one to stare, but what can I say, this ass was something special, and my eyes were just well, glued to the thing as it clicked through the turnstile and walked out the train station doors. Out of the back of my eye I noticed another woman and her little girl watching me, watch this thing, but I didn't give a damn. I was somewhere else. Anyway the last person made it through the turnstile and I turned around to go through, still in a trance obviously, and WHAMMM! I knocked right into the turnstile, almost flipping over the thing, because I forgot to swipe my card first.

I wonder what that woman and her little girl were thinking...

Why's my domain name such a secret?

To start, you're not going to be reading this until after my domain name is publicized so this is kind of stupid. But I don't care. It pisses me off when people say they have a website and they don't. Like when someone tells you their working on this kicksass website and they give you a link and it has the word "NO" on the top of the page, and "Under Construction" right under it. I don't call that a kickass webpage, in fact, that is a webpage that will most likely suck. I've got big plans for this page, and I don't want anyone to see it until there's something to see. I want you to come to this page for the FIRST time and be like --damn! This page hauls major ass!

So I think you get it now. When there's something to see, you'll see it. Also, I'm keeping a log of everything I do in the news section, so be sure to check that out if you care, which I don't think you should.

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