Don't think...

Don't think that since there hasn't been any news, there hasn't been any updates. I know, I've spent the last couple of weeks playing some unnamed video game all day and all night, but I've also had time to update the site, and there have been many updates. Like another "techie" article (I bet nobody cares), and tons of new rants. The Quotes section is also updated very frequently --not as often as the rants, but still probably twice a week or so. And lastly, check out my favorites page. It's not just a bunch of crap bookmarks like you see on everyone else's page. They're actually all really very...


Okay, some of you are not going to believe this, but [holy shit!] Snake is back, and he's got his miilah with him too! That's right, we dug it up and sewed it back on! He is no longer censored! I've taken the liberty to go through all his old pages and insert curse words into them wherever I thought they belonged. He's got a new article that was written tonight as well, (for all of you who've read all his old ones), and he will hopefully be a regular by us now.
I've done the job of editing all his old pages and making them work with this site, and getting rid of all the garbage in them that linked to his old site, so if you notice any mistakes, please do let me know what my email address is.
Let me also take this time to thank his old owner, Psycho, of who got him started. As you all know, times change and he had to let go of Snake..........and well, we picked him up!

Good Shabbos everyone.

I must say I was surprised with amount of hits this site received. It was definitely under 100 yesterday, but still amazing for a 2nd day being open. I also didn't do any advertising for my site, although I think other people did. With that said, we still have a long way to go to hit 100,000,000 and hopefully by then I'll be able to make a statistics page as well.
"Heckdude" is now known as "Hydark".
Oh, and enjoy your Shabbos.

See you in hell, biATCH!

Hey a couple of days ago I took down that stupid biATCH's rants cause she sucked hairy women's ass. Actually I insulted her about her crap content until she begged me to take it down herself and pleaded for forgiveness. Since I never wrote about why it was taken down (a few days ago), here it is now. On another note, I added a new rant. This one belongs to some dude named "Heckdude". We'll see how long he lasts...

It's a big day, today!

Okay. Exactly two minutes to midnight (so I guess its actually yesterday) I gave people the okay to pass the link of my site around. It's officially open. No, this doesn't mean that my site has reached its peak of ass-kicking. It just means that I think it kicks enough ass to see public eyes. The fun has only begun, and more to come...

...And on the seventh day.....he did nothing.

Hey, tonight I went out to eat and had a good time while my site sat here waiting to be updated. NO ADDITIONS TODAY. Don't I rule. It's cool because God rested on the seventh day of creation and I went out to eat on my seventh day. See the resemblance? Me neither. I still rule. I know I've been a lazy ass when it comes to my own bitching, but hey, I've got enough crap from other people for you to read that you shouldn't have a problem finding what to read.
This site is about to become public knowledge...I feel it...

...And on the sixth day.....he set up "Techie Articles".

Well you can read the yellow. I set up "Techie Stuff". In there will be cool articles about how to set up Windows properly, how to get rid of spam, which programs kick ass, etc. After 12:00 (same sh** as yesterday, I don't need to explain this again...), I set up a new blog for this bitch named biATCH. Hope she bitches from the right holes.......that is the point, isn't it.
On another note, this site is about to go public and start corrupting minds everywhere. I'm really looking forward to it, aren't you?

...And on the fifth day.....he set up email.

Well as the title says, I set up email today. The only thing is that it was actually done on the fifth day, post-12:00AM - making it the sixth day. So what. So I didn't actually do anything on the fifth day. Who's to say that I can't do double on the sixth? Plus, it was before I went to sleep so it's sort of the fifth day as I see it...
Okay, enough with the crap, here's what was done: I got some tool which lets me put people's email addresses up on the page without having to worry that they'll get harvested by one of those email robots which go around the web finding email addresses posted on webpages and adding them to junk mailing lists. Pretty cool, huh?
I also added another blog to the section, one for a guy named "meat_apparatus!". I also set up a corresponding email account for the person, hosted on my webpage (yours free, if you sign up for a blog on my site, for the time being).
Oh, and....the "shicksas" section is gone as of yesterday or something. Sorry guys, but I thought about it, and it seems like a stupid idea. I don't really feel like updating that you?

...And on the fourth day.....he did the blogs.

As I mentioned in my last news update, I gave up on using blogging software and went on with just putting the articles up myself, which is what I did today. It's harder than you think; choosing a theme, layout, colors, etc. for every blog.
I was navigating around the site today and actually got lost. Please email me if you are having the same problem, and (if enough people email me) maybe I can do something about it. (Or maybe it's just me, whatever). I'm purposely avoiding a main toolbar that runs through every page, (in case you were planning on suggesting that...) Something you should know is that the corruption logo (usually in the top-right corner of the page) brings you back home when you click on it. Enjoy.

...And on the third day.....he worked on the blogs.

Pretty much, I wasted a lot of time trying to get the blogs working through "Blogger". Problem is that Blogger has a suckass interface - which they let you customize, to make it suck a little less ass. I spent a day playing around with their interface, setting it up in such a way that people can automatically email their articles to a specific email address and it would automatically post the article on my site. The best part was that it wasn't a stupid database (which isn't googable). Blogger would actually generate the web pages and put them up for me. (Basically you email your article to an email address, and it puts your article up on my site, making it look like a Thilo post). Great idea, but I couldn't get it working right. It insisted on doing things its own stupid way, and after wasting a day on it, I went back to my original plan - having people email me their articles and just putting them up myself. It sort of sucks, so if anyone knows of something better, please do let me know.

...And on the second day.....he got lazy.

Well today I didn't do so much. I was lazy (I mean BUSY with IMPORTANT STUFF). Man this site is going down. The second day and I'm already getting lazy. Damn me. No, seriously, I really WAS busy. Well anyway, here's what was done today: A Quotes section as well as a Shicksas section were added, some files were moved around, and I set up an email account for myself. My first rant came in from some kid known as "GenitalGrinder". Gotta get around to setting up an account for the kid...
As of now, my domain name is still a secret. Well, two people know about it. Everyone else just knows about the existence of my site, but not where it is. I had to tell them this to get them to start ranting...

...And on the first day.....he created favorites.

And so, he separated light from dark, and he........oh screw this crap. Today I put up my favorites section. I figured, what better way to start a web page, than to put up a favorites page to direct people AWAY from it? No, seriously, it did take me over an hour to get that thing set up, and it really has GOOD stuff on it, not like the crap on other people's sites...

The site is purchased and work begins:

Hi. Welcome to my site. As of now I have told no one of my site. The site was purchased last night (after 12:00, making it still today's date) for the following reason: None. My plans for the site?

Well, those are my plans for now. I may end up doing more OR less, depending on nothing.