vi is for getting any pussy.

Perhaps some of you have read the little note on the bottom of Maddox's web page. If you don't know who Maddox is, go to hell. Anyway, I've taken the time to write up a grammatically perfect email to Maddox explaining to him why it is that he sucks....

Dearest Maddox,

Let me begin with the fact that your site kicks ass. But you already know that...

I noticed that on the bottom of your page it says "This page was made using vi in unix. Anything else is for failures." I have to disagree. For starters, being the UNIX guru that you are, you should know that it's spelled in all capital letters. As for the fact that your entire page is written in it, I don't believe you. Only a total sucker would waste their time writing their webpage in a primitive command-line based text editor. Nevertheless, you are bragging that you've done it, which makes you all the more pathetic. Not only are you full of shit, but you're also bad at being someone pathetic. I loaded up "vi" myself one time and the only thing I figured out is that if you keep hitting the CONTROL key (or maybe it was SHIFT) together with the "q" button, you eventually get out of the dumb text editor. Not to say it isn't a good editor...I hear it does good things if you know how to use it, but why the hell would anyone waste their time writing their web page in an editor that doesn't even support a mouse, when they can just load up a graphical environment and use "kwrite", "gedit", or even Windows Notepad? And lastly, why the hell would you be running UNIX? UNIX is a crappy version of Linux meant for office computers........unless you're writing this stuff on work hours and getting paid for it, which I guess sort of makes you kick a somewhat amount of ass.

Personally I think that "vi" is for two people:
   1) People who can't get into the windowed environment and are trying to recover their system.
   2) People who obviously aren't seeing enough pussy.

You're the latter, if anything. Again, I think you're full of shit, which makes you all the more pathetic... Maybe stop bragging about all the marriage proposals you've received in your inbox and actually gather up the balls to ask a girl out, and maybe you'd see something.

Your fan,