Chaos, you're an idiot.

Maybe you should actually read my fucking articles before commenting about them, instead of just shoving you hand up your ass looking for something to write about, and then spewing garbage out of your keyboard. That meat loser? Just for the record, you're the loser who can't spell. I'm not a perfectionist, but your spelling looks like it belongs to a 6-year-old - the kind that should have been aborted.

You say that I mentioned something about "Linux being for people who aren't getting laid". For the record, that's not what I said. I said that people who write their webpage in an ancient command-line-based text editor --aren't getting laid. Oh, and by the way, I use Linux. Why would I be mocking Linux users? It is in fact, the Windows people who aren't getting laid. Read this article, if you actually give a shit about the truth, instead of just rattling off your stupid mouth with whatever garbage you just pulled out of your ass.

As for your pathetic argument that I'm killing Americans with my suicide-promotion rants, thus making the immigrant population larger than the American one -- what makes you think my non-existent suicide-promotion rants will make Americans commit suicide any more than immigrants, especially if it's the immigrants I'm bashing?

Oh, and by the way...