Who ever said cursing is pointless?

Did anyone ever tell you that cursing is pointless, and that you can just state your point in other [more friendlier] words? Well, they were lying. I curse all the time. Whenever I don't get my way, I curse. Think of it as a little cue of what's going to be happening if I don't get what I want. Not only do I think that cursing is okay, I think it's the proper thing to do. Imagine you're pissing someone off, and they're not saying anything, and then out of nowhere, they whip out their index and middle finger, jam it behind your left eye, and yank. You'd be like "Where the fuck did that come from?" And you're even right.

"But you can tell people that they're upsetting you in less obscene language!"

This is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard. No, wait. Rockstar games got sued for making a video game that allows you to shoot people and steal stuff. That was the biggest bullshit I ever heard. Anyway, picture this:

"Sir, you are troubling me very much."


"Yo, do that again and I'll rip your fucking head off."

You don't need to answer this one, but I'm just wondering which person you're more likely to listen to.
Cursing gives you style, gets you shit, and even makes people obey you, and sometimes worship you. So why the hell wouldn't you do it? Wanna talk about ethics? In an ethical world, people don't do things that make you want to rip their [fucking] head off. Guess what. No one else is ethical, so quit punishing yourself and be unethical like the rest of us.