Who's life would you rather ruin, yours or someone else's?

I know, it's a pretty stupid question, yet still, people keep popping the question every time they knock a girl up -- or maybe they don't even bother asking it, it just happens. Either way, it's dumb. Especially if the girl's a dumb bitch, which is most likely the case, seeing as how she let you fuck her without a condom on, in the first place.

Why go ruin your life just to avoid ruining the kid's life, which may or may not actually get ruined -- you know some kids like having separated parents -- that way they can take turns treating one like shit and sleeping by the other one... You know, I wish my parents were separated...

Anyway, I don't know about you, but if I ever get a girl pregnant, I'm gonna pop a slightly different question. It's gonna go something like this: "I've got one .22 cap in this gun, and it's loaded. Do you want it, or should I take it?"

You see, I'm not a bad person. I don't run away from my problems. I deal with them. I fucked up, now I have to kill myself. Now that's real standing up to a mistake you've done... (others may argue: Well, meat_apparatus! aren't you just avoiding the problem by killing yourself so you don't have to deal with it?) To that I answer, "perhaps you are right, but you still suck. Also, it's just like suicide: Suicide is a cowardly act, but if you do a really good job at it, (eg. call your family into your room, kids and all, and tell them you have something really important to tell them, and then load 5 caps into your skull) the coolness outweighs the cowardness of it, and ultimately, it becomes something cool and respectful (which people should learn from, and follow).

So anyway, what's the whole problem with getting a little fat in your father's house? Why do you gotta move out for? Just live through all the shit (taking responsibility for your actions..) and put the kid up on eBay once it's all over. Perhaps it's because they want a slave to do everything for them. Like lets say they wake up at 4 in the morning and come up with the bright idea that they want to have pickle-flavored ice cream, and then decide to wake their dad up and ask him go out and get it for them. I'd like to see how that goes down... So you see, it's become socially acceptable that the man has to marry the girl, so that she can bitch to him for the next 9 months because no one else will listen. I don't know, does this shit make any sense?