Get an SMT5600 and quit bitching.

It really pisses me off that all my friends got the Motorola mpx220 and then bitch to me that the phone sucks. It was clear before they made the purchase: Motorola makes shitty phones. They always make a phone with amazing specs, a beautiful screen, stereo speakers, Wi-Fi, tons of other cool shit, and then forget to put in a "call" button. Seriously, Motorola is the dumbest company out there. When they made the mpx200, the phone was supposed to be the most kickass phone out there -- well it was, except for the fact that it was missing the 850mhz frequency, and it was marketed for AT&T Wireless, which primarily uses the 850Mhz frequency. What dumbasses. They make a perfect phone and then market it under a carrier who doesn't give you reception when you use it with them. If you were smart though, you could get the phone unlocked and use it on T-Mobile, where it worked quite nicely. But then they decided to make another shitty phone, the mpx220. The mpx220 couldn't even be salvaged by using it on a different carrier. Simply, you could not hear anyone when  talking on the phone, regardless of whether you were using T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, Orange, Fido, Rogers, okay I think you get the point... The phone was a piece of shit regardless of the carrier you used it on. But still, everyone buys the mpx220 and bitches about it. I on the other hand, have the SMT5600.

Anyway, here are the two phones:

As you might notice, these two phones are almost identical in application. They both run the Windows Mobile 2003SE operating system, and they both have a regular keypad plus a joystick, back, home, and two action keys. The one of the left is my phone, and the one on the right is the piece of shit Motorola mpx220. In case you're thinking of buying it, it's a piece of shit, and you can't hear anyone from the headpiece, so don't get it.

There are two major differences between the two phones. The first is that the Audiovox SMT5600 is a "candy bar" phone, whereas the Motorla mpx220 is a flip phone, and the other is that the Motorola mpx220 is a piece of shit. Nevertheless, everyone gets the mpx220 because it is a "flip phone", and looks more "business-like". I think these people are stupid dumbshits, how about you?

The Audiovox SMT5600 has won just about every award as far as "smartphones" go. Every time I open up a magazine, I see yet another award given to my SMT5600. Why? It's fast, has a huge screen (yes, bigger than the mpx220), has decent sound, a very good camera (also better than the mpx220, which supposedly has a 1.2megapixel camera....B.S.!), and it just works really good. But people keep getting the mpx220 and bitching about it, anyway.

To further prove my point, Cingular has REMOVED the mpx220 from their site and now only offers the SMT5600, which used to be an AT&T phone. That's right. They re-released the phone under Cingular's name, to be able to replace the mpx220 because they were getting too many complaints about the shitty sound quality of the mpx220. But people keep going on eBay, finding old mpx220's; they buy them, and then complain about their shitty sound. Why? Because the mpx220 looks more "professional".

I know all my rants are about how people suck, are stupid, and do stupid things, but this should really hammer the nail into the tits. In fact, maybe I don't even have to write any more articles after this because I've just proven my point so well. People just well, suck.



On a similar note, I've heard that if you call up Cingular and complain about not being able to hear anyone from the mpx220, they will give you a Motorola v551 in exchange plus $350 Cingular credit. It's a really nice way of getting rid of a piece of shit phone, if you ask me. Too bad you're stuck with yet another Motorola piece of shit, though.