The Motorola V3 (RAZR) Is Just Another iPod.

It's amazing how many people want to own a stupid Motorola "RAZR". I'm seeing it everywhere I look. And when I'm not seeing it, I'm hearing about how someone "wants to get it". Doesn't everyone realize that it's just as crappy as all the other Motorola phones (which are pretty crappy), it's just housed in an aluminum casing? Damn. The phone isn't any less crappy. Probably the people who can't afford "chromes" are trying to make up for it by getting a Motorola "RAZR". Too bad chromes look cool and the "RAZR" does not.

Just for your information, the "RAZR" can now be gotten for free with a 2-year contract from Cingular Wireless. That's right. It's free. Anyone can get it. Why would you be showing off something you didn't pay 600 bucks for, to your friends? Now you can go home crying to your mommy because

A) You just paid 600 bucks for the "RAZR"
B) You were so close to being accepted into your dumbass college fraternity

For your information, I've also used a "RAZR"
[you can now start worshipping me].
The phone sucks. Besides for being a Motorola phone, which makes it suck already, the buttons are also annoying to press. It's also way too wide to fit comfortably into your pocket, forcing you to keep it clipped to your belt -- which kind of defeats the purpose of it being so thin. You also have to "open" it to make phone calls, which also sucks.

I don't get these people who have $700 to throw at a cell phone. I'm talking about those people who bought the "RAZR" right when it came out, when the price was $700 and if you wanted a discount, the store clerk would roshambo you for it. Do you know what someone can do with $700? Damn, they can even buy a "RAZR"! If I had $700 lying around I'd probably fly to Europe, and put the rest of it on my credit card. And then pay it over small installments... Or maybe I'd commit suicide, so I wouldn't have to pay it. That would totally kick ass. I would totally rack up my credit card bill before killing myself. In fact, I'd charge the rope from Wal*Mart to it, too.
I wonder what interest would be like on a rope after 30 years...

ARGH this article sucks.