The MTA is the SHITTIEST transit system in the world.

        So is my fucking keyboard. Anyway why does it take fucking 20 minutes after the trains are taken down (according to fucking SCHEDULE), for them to actually announce it over the PA and tell us to stop waiting for the damn train? Goddammit. In Israel a terrorist would blow up a train, kill hundreds (who cares), and melt the subway tracks from the explosion and the train would still be back up and running sooner than when the MTA needs to clean a fucking dead bird who no one even gives a shit about, off the rail.
        And I noticed this poster up on the trains lately. It says something in the line of "we try to help you, we do a little bit every day". Maybe if they stopped fucking changing things every day, we'd be happier. Ever thought of that? You think I give a shit if they reconstruct the subway station at a fucking ghetto to make it SAFER? HELL NO! Not if it's going to delay my train, I don't. Even if it wasn't going to delay my train, I'm sure there'd still be something better to do with the extra money than reconstruct a ghetto station to make it safer for people who anyways jump in front of cars and sue.
        Goddammit. I'm pissed off. It must have hit me somewhere in between the time when I saw a train running on the wrong rail, decided to stop waiting and take a bus, then found that the people who were waiting for the train with me eventually showed up at the same bus stop (about 20 mins later, presumably when the announcement that the trains "are no longer in service" was actually made), or maybe it was 40 minutes later, at the bus stop, when the fucking MTA bus STILL had not shown up, even though in that time, about 200 Command busses passed by. Maybe it was then.
        The MTA is fucking shit. Seriously, the best thing that ever happened to it was that strike two years ago. Too bad they still worked into the strike. What fucking cowards. Who goes on strike and then continues working past the strike deadline because people tell you they are "working out a resolution"? A resolution is more money in my pocket, not some fucking idiots sitting around a table discussing stocks over Starbucks coffee when they're supposed to be working out a way for me to get more money in my pocket..
        The MTA is shit, it's workers are pussies, it's trains smell like cat piss and crotch sweat, and we still use it every day. Maybe if they focused less time on rebuilding the ghetto stations, and focused more of their time on getting the trains to NOT smell like shit, we'd be getting somewhere. While they're at it, they can just skip the stupid ghetto stations, because nobody respectful ever gets on at those stations anyway. It's usually just some ghetto ass who wants to lie in court to save his friend or some dumbass who's going to claim his winning lottery ticket. The point is, we shouldn't even stop at those stations. That way we wouldn't even have piss-covered people getting on the train, and the trains wouldn't smell like cat urine in the first place.