All brits are annoying self-centered arrogant assholes.

        Seriously, do you know one Brit who isn't an asshole? I know I don't. Every single person who comes from England is an arrogant self-centered piece of shit. As far as I'm concerned, terrorists can keep bombing England. Let them bomb the whole fucking country off the map. I don't think anyone would give a shit.

        Sure, some great bands have come from England, like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and The Beatles, but what's come from there in the last 10 years? NOTHING. So as far as I'm concerned, the entire fucking country and all of its people can be blown to pieces and we won't lose anything.

        Brits suck. If you don't know who Brits are then just pay attention. Brits are the ones who smack into your parked car and then scream at you. Their the ones who borrow your drill and then sue you when they manage to sever off one of their fingers with it because they are so stupid. Their the ones who will fight over a stupid board-game until you just piss on the board and let them win. Their the ones who only call you when they need shit...

        I don't ever want to see another Brit again. I really don't. I've gotten absolutely nothing but hell out of any Brit I've ever known. How can an entire country be filled with nothing but complete assholes? Boy, Queen Elizabeth....

        Am I racist? NO, and that's because "Brits" aren't a race. They may as well be one, since they have everything else common to a race like an annoying accent, a horrible body odor, and an insane amount of homosexuality, but they're not a race and therefore, by hating them all, I am not a racist.