iPod skins are a trendy way of showing that you're a dumbass.

They're are also a trendy way of turning your iPod to shit when you drop it. Have you ever studied the carrying case that came with the original iPod? (before they decided to jip your ass and sell it as an accessory for more money). The thing is thick, hard, and intended to protect your iPod when you drop it. An iPod skin is peice of rubber that's thin like a condom, and it offers a hell of a lot less protection. It may even look sexy, coming in hot colors like berry blue, banana yellow, or cum white. (wait, what the hell's the point of a skin that doesnt change the appearance of your iPod, NOR protect it from being dropped?) but it won't protect your iPod. My personal opinion is that if you want to look sexy, put on some sexy clothes and stop buying stupid iPod accessories..

shitty iPod skins, including the jizz-colored one that doesn't make your iPod look any cooler, NOR protect it

(see, now THIS ONE is hot, and people don't even get it..

...and what the hell's up with iPod NANO carrying cases? I'm serious, I really saw this "paris" thing on Amazon.
Isn't the point of the Nano so that you can fit it inside of your buttcrack and still be able to take a shit without having to take it out of your ass? So then what the hell is the carrying case for? It just makes it bigger, and it'll probably tingle your....Aren't flash players (eg. the Nano) supposed to be able to be dropped without breaking? Isn't that the point of a flash player vs. a hard disk player (classic ipod)? Well, if the Nano does break when you drop it, then you should be buying a different flash player that doesn't, because most flash players DO NOT break when you drop them.

... and here it is. The "paris" iPod Nano carrying case. I can't imagine anyone who'd buy this thing. To me it looks like a bunch of dyed pubes surrounding what used to be a somewhat attractive-looking iPod Nano. Besides the point, with the carrying case, the iPod Nano is now also as big as an iPod mini, which you ditched, to get the iPod Nano which is smaller...

...Well, I'm out, I'll probably see you at Best Buy this weekend buying an iPod Nano case that looks like a clump of pink pubes. Well, eat shit.