Who cares if there's a stupid transit strike, ANYWAY ???

OK People, I'm from New York, and as you might have heard, (wherever it is in the world that you live), New York may have a transit strike tomorrow. That means no busses or trains. Personally, I think their transit system is shit, and totally unorganized, but that's a whole different story.

But what I want to know, is who gives a fuck? Why is everyone sitting by their radios desperately waiting to hear the news? "Yes strike. No strike. Now it's a maybe strike. The maybe just became a little bit more maybe....." WHO THE FUCK CARES?? There aren't too many people that this affects SO MUCH, to the point that they need to listen to every stupid fucking update on the strike, which probably isn't going to happen anyways.

What am I going to do? I'm gonna wake my ass up tomorrow at 11:30, put on my computer (let's hope there's no electricity strike too), and check online to see if there's a strike. If there isn't, I'm gonna get myself on a train and go to my laid back job where I can show up whenever the hell I want. And if there is a strike, I'll just roll over and go back to sleep.

...but surely you're thinking: "But meat_apparatus!, how can you compare your stupid laid-back job to a real job in an office where you have to be there at 9AM ?? My answer to that is simple. Instead of getting up at 11:30 to check the news, get up at 6:30, or 7, and do the same thing. If there's a strike, just go back to sleep.
...and for the record, I'm in college, too. I don't happen to have any finals scheduled for tomorrow, but if I did, they'd be postponed exactly one week. That's pretty simple to figure out, and there's no reason for me to start calculating what that may mean until there actually is a strike, which there probably never will be.

All this wasted news, for nothing! You know what? I'm not listening!! And that's because I don't give a shit. I've got better things to do than listen to some jackass on 1010 Wins tell us the latest updates on the possible MTA Strike are. As I see it, the news isn't going anywhere, and it'll be there tomorrow too; settled in fact, in time for me to figure out what I need to do. If you think that waiting up is going to get you an answer, you are very wrong. Just like last year, and the time before, and the time before that, they will keep extending the service until they reach a settlement, so there actually won't be any interruption in service at all. If I'm right you can kiss my ass and always believe me in the future. See, right now, I'm writing a stupid rant about dumbasses listening to the radio about unsettled news that isn't happening yet anyways, while you're dumb ass is actually listening to it.

...so who's the dumbass ??



...And the small, minute amount of people who have business to tend to tomorrow, regardless of whether or not there is a strike, probably have cars anyway (or know someone with a car, or can take a car service). SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, GO TO SLEEP AND FIGURE IT OUT IN THE MORNING!!!