Why do people change their Myspace pictures just when they start to stomp some ass?

There's almost nothing more that pisses me off about that site MySpace, than the "Top 8" feature. I try to keep on top of my "Top 8", and make sure that they all have stomp-ass pictures next to them, like a picture of the president getting his balls ripped off, a girl getting punched in the tits, or a baby getting raped up the ass, etc. But it never fails that when one of my "friends" makes it onto my "Top 8", they immediately go and change their picture to something stupid, like a picture of them wearing a yellow belt at their latest karate orientation --which makes me look stupid. I mean, I want people to take one look at my myspace profile and immediately go grabbing for the barf bag. What's up with people changing their kick ass pictures over for lousy crap three days later, like like them in a gay tight uniform? I just don't get it.

Mine hasn't change --ever. Not since I created my profile. I change other stuff, like the music, just so people don't get bored. But my picture? Dammit, it's me. I don't look any better today than I did the day before. I'm still the same lousy peice of shit with each eye pointed in the total opposite direction. I didn't get a date yesterday and I probably won't get one today either. Fuck it. And what's up with people posting baby pictures of themselves? Babies aren't cute. Or at least ones that don't have a pitchfork stuck through their ugly skul.

And what else pisses me off? This rant is not even half over and I've ran out of things to bitch about. How about those girls who make their myspace profiles all pink as if they're trying to blind anyone whose not accustomed to playing with a barbie collection all day. And who the fuck puts "boys" under interests? Shit, which girl do you know that isn't interested in boys? And what do you actually mean by "boys" as an interest? If you mean having sex with them, I don't believe you for one second, because you'd be too busy with that to update your stupid myspace profile so much... Unless of course there's some new sexual position that involves being banged in the ass repeatedly while clicking and dragging around your mouse updating your myspace profile with new stupid pink pictures.

I hate pink, I hate myspace, and I hate people who use pink on myspace. I also hate girls who are proud to be "bitches". What the fuck's up with that. Last time I checked, being a bitch was an insult and it was something I got to call girls when they pissed me off and it would them cry...Now their proud bitches and I'm running out of insults. Oh wait. Unless they also don't mind being called a crack whore.

There's so much shit in a myspace profile that guys dont even look at. Like favorite flower, Education, Zodiac Sign, Friends, etc. Why the fuck even bother filling that shit out? Girls today.... I really don't get them. Shit, I don't even get the point to this rant. It's not even funny, is it.......Shit, it's not. That's what I thought. It doesn't even have a point. I'm becoming really bad at this. Oh well. Good night. Fuck you.