Welcome to New York city, now get out of my fucking way. I've had just about all I can take with this shit. People walking slow, checking their email while they walk, guys stopping to grope their girlfriends ass, people stopping to look at the Macy's window -- guess what asshole, its the same fucking window they had last month, and it wasn't impressive then either. Not to mention the people who stop midway in middle of the street only to realize that they don't in fact know where the hell they are going. And then you've got the people who will stop and look at just about anything so long as someone else is looking at it. I guess they figure their IQ is so low that if it intrigues someone else, it had to be worth their effort.

And those people who type emails on their blackberry while they're crossing a street -- that shit is criminal. It's a good thing I don't drive in NYC because I'd probably get sick of that shit and run them over. Even if they did manage to look away from their blackberry for a second just in time to dive out of the way, I'd follow them onto the sidewalk and mow that shit down. It's better I do the killing and get some satisfaction out of it rather than some poor imigrant asshole whose then gonna get shipped back, or a teenage kid whose dad won't let him touch his car again.

Walking in the streets is bad enough. I can barely make it ten seconds before some asshole's arm swings into me as he walks by because he doesn't give a shit where he's going. It's moments like that which make me wish I had a vehicle at my disposal.

And today I'm walking down 33rd when some stupid bitch with a baby carriage stops short right in front of me, so I by mistake nipped her shoe with mine, and she totally gives me a dirty look. I tell her I'm sorry even though I'm not and she continues to glare at me, so I say to her 'what, you want me to eat your pussy too?'

And that is how I got my restraining order.