Okay, I know it’s not right to start ripping on someone the day they die; I had the last 10 years to do it, and I should’ve done it then, but I just feel like I need to defend all the rest of us who are sane. I’m not going to go on about how liberals are going to cause of the destruction of this world, how when a liberal is around, you can’t even make a stupid pointless joke without them getting upset and crying, how liberals think it’s right to march in the street and announce the fact that they have a biological disorder – no. None of that. That’s politics and I don’t know dick about politics.

But today after having to listen to a coworker go on and on about how great Michael Jackson is, I feel like I need to vent. Sure, he revolutionized music. Sure, a whole lot of what we listen to today was influenced by him – I get that. But this guy just kept going on and on about how it’s not his fault. How he was a victim, being forced to be a pop star as a kid, and how he wasn’t given the chance to be a poor bastard kid like the rest of us who need to go to school and get beaten up and have cheap parents who wouldn’t buy us a Gameboy. No, Michael Jackson missed out on all of that. And as a result (because he is the only person who was a star as a child, so we can’t compare him to the hundreds of other child stars who turned out just fine), he felt the need to change his skin color and molest little children. That’s right, it’s not his fault. He’s a victim. It’s the world’s fault that he felt the need to stick his penis into a little 8-year old’s butt. I bet this guy would’ve had a different opinion if it was his 8-year old kid. He even went on to say, and I quote this verbatim:



Are you fucking kidding me???

No, I was there. He really said that. Maybe he’d send his kid to a Church after finding out that the Priest there molests kids, I know I wouldn’t. Now I’m not a graduate student like him, but something tells me that a priest who molests children is probably not a person you want annulling your sins, considering there are millions of his microscopic sins living inside your 8-year olds asshole.

But yes. All that aside, Michael Jackson was a great pop artist. But is he a role model? No. He kind of gave that up when he changed his skin color and started molesting kids. And do I feel a little safer now that he’s dead?

I’ll let you guys answer that one.