A Rant of mikecoon

Christian Prayers and Praises



      You know, over the years I watched sport events, I noticed how more and more athletes give thanks to God for their victories. And this got me thinking. Then once in a while I would surf the channels and come across these religious programs where the preacher would talk about giving money to God and then God would give 100 times back to the giver. This got me to thinking some more. Then once in a while, there would be some big hoopla about a preacher who had miraculous healing powers and such. Of course, if you sent him  money, he would pray for your healing and this got me to thinking some more. hmmmmmm.

       This article examines some of the common things American Christians pray for and give thanks for. The prayers and praises examined are prayers that one will see on TV such as a Christian athlete giving thanks for his victory or prayers by televangelists asking God for money.

     1. Praising God for victory in a sporting event!! I see this all the time. Some athlete on TV praises the Lord after he/his team won a championship. "I want to thank God for this victory", "I want to give glory to God", and so on and so forth. First thing people needs to understand is God does not fix sporting events. What God does is distribute athletic ability according to the Bell curve. The professional athlete simply was one in 10,000 who was born with exceptional athletic ability. How the person uses his gifts is up to him. Nothing more. It is solely up to the person to make good choices and use his gifts wisely. Who wins the event is solely up to the athletes themselves and whether they prepared for the event or not. God does not fix the sports events.

      Secondly, lets suppose all the athletes on both sides are all Christians.  So both sides pray to God for victory. Of course only one side can win the championship. So does this mean the winning Christians prayed better or were better Christians? No, they were simply a little better prepared that day and nothing more. God does not fix sporting events.

     Consider a Christian athlete versus and non Christian athlete and what happens if the non Christian wins.  Does that mean the Christian did not pray hard enough or in a proper fashion? Or that the God of the non Christian was more powerful? Or that God wanted the Christian to lose? Or that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God? The answer to all of the above question is No. So who will God listen to? What criteria does God uses to decide which side wins? The answer is He does not use any criteria because He does not fix sporting events.

     Finally, what does the Christian athlete have to say if he loses? What does he praise God for? Does he praise God despite losing? Or does he deep down inside have doubts or resentments? 


     2. Praying for Money/Wealth.  I hear Christians pray for money all the time. And not just enough to get by either. In addition, Christians, after being seduced by prosperity gospel, gives money in order to get 100 times back what they gave. And you know what? After giving their life savings away, they end up poor and wonder why.

     So what is wrong with praying for wealth and money? Jesus Christ preached against material wealth. He only guaranteed our daily needs and nothing more. Unfortunately many of my fellow Christians, including myself, have had the tendency to view money as the solution to all of our problems. When we pray for money, very few of us actually pray for money to solely meet our daily needs. In our hearts, many of us desire money so we can live the good life. So we can buy ourselves nice things and live a comfortable life.

    Our prayers always start out small. "Lord, please give me money so I can take care of my bills". Later on it is : "Lord, I need a better paying job because the wife is pregnant and I want to properly take care of her and the kids".  Then, "Lord I need more money so I can provide the kids a decent life". Of course, a decent life means getting the kids fancy Nike shoes, DVD players, computers, entertainment center, PlayStations and so on. Then after a while, greed really takes over.: "Lord, I need money so I can pay for this new car with leather seats and power windows and 400 W stereo that I bought." Finally, after years and years of buying material things, you come full circle to: "Lord, please give me money so I can take care of my bills". It just never stops. No wonder God said He will only provide for our daily needs.

     3. Praying for health.  In the New Testament, Jesus Christ and his apostles have miraculously healed many people. Because of this, many Christians have turned to prayer when they are sick or hurt. In addition, many Christians have turned to faith healers to get better. So the question is : Does God whose son is Jesus Christ really heal people today? NO. Well, I am pretty sure He does not. 

      Tens of thousands of Americans have claimed to have been healed of their illnesses and injuries by faith and prayers. Such illnesses and injuries includes diseases, terminal illnesses, back bad backs, and so on. So, in light of testimonials of these people, how can I sit here and say God does not heal people today? The answer lies in missing limbs.

     Let's think about this for a moment. Many people may claim to have been healed of cancer, acne, back pain, spinal injuries, viruses, migraines, and so on. Yet, not a single American can ever claim to have had a missing limb be miraculously regenerated. Go Google it. You will read of many stories of being healed by prayer. But you will not read of a single person being healed of a missing limb. Why is that? It is like people can be healed through prayer of only illnesses that medical science can heal also. I just find that strange.

      So how do I explain the so called healings? Statistical analysis and the placebo effect. I believe faith healing is as effective as the placebo effect and nothing more.  And remember, no one has ever been healed of a missing limb ever.  Some of you may say maybe these people with missing limbs did not have enough faith. Bullshit. I find it very strange how people will have the faith to be healed of cancer, acne, back pain, spinal injuries, viruses, migraines, and so on yet not have the faith to be healed of missing limbs. It just makes no sense.     

     For all you Christians out there that may disagree with me, I say to you : regenerate a missing limb miraculously and I will retract the praying for health portion of this article.