A Rant of mikecoon

A Major Reason Why It Sucks Being Asian


     *Sigh* I am half Asian. Thanks to my Asian DNA, I have always been pretty good at math and science.  Members of the other races always seem to look up to us Asians when it came to math and science. Unfortunately, there is a downside to having Asian DNA : small penises. You see, Asian men do indeed have small penises. We get made fun of not only by the men of the other races but by women of even Asian descent. Hell our small penises were even parodied on a South Park episode. Perhaps the biggest reason it sucks being Asian is because we Asian men really do have small penises.

    Now, women have said it is not the size of penis that matters but how one uses it. Okay, I consoled myself with that philosophy. I figured with my brains, I will someday make lots of money, then I will romance a woman and marry her her and make her very happy, small penis notwithstanding.

     Well apparently, the  "size does not matter" saying was a big fat lie. *sigh* Unfortunately, this saying was exposed as a lie by an actual credible scientific study. *sigh* So here is a short article that summarizes the study:
By The Associated Press Wed Apr 19, 12:43 PM ET

The top five and bottom five nations on scale of rates of sexual satisfaction reported to University of Chicago researchers:


1. Austria: 71.4 percent satisfied with their sex lives.

2. Spain: 69 percent.

3. Canada: 66.1 percent.

4. Belgium: 64.6 percent.

5. United States: 64.2 percent.


25. Thailand: 35.9 percent.

26. China: 34.8 percent.

27. Indonesia: 33.9 percent.

28. Taiwan: 28.6 percent.

29. Japan: 25.7 percent.


Source: Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors, published in April's Archives of Sexual Behavior.


      Look at the top 5 nations. These nations are mostly Caucasian. And we all know Caucasians have big penises. Now you people may say that the United States have lots of Asian yet is rank number 5. Well, remove the Asian Americans with their small penises and the USA moves up a couple of notches.

      Look at the bottom 5. They are all Asian nations. And we all know Asian men have small penises. Now the study suggests that the male dominant cultures of these Asian nations may have contributed to the women not being satisfied with their sex lives. However, it is a fact that Asian men have small penises and I do not believe it is a coincidence that the bottom five nations just all happened to be Asian nations.

     This study appears to demonstrate that having big penises really do matter and that women, once again, do lie to men.