A Rant of mikecoon

The Fast Food Industry: Great Food at an affordable price



       I have read an awfully lot of articles over the last couple of years criticizing the fast food industry. There were many articles written by doctors warning us of the dangers of fast foods. Then, you have the articles written by people who just like to tell people what to do( i.e. Christians). Then there are the articles written by health food nuts who actually just want you to spend your money on their products. In fact, there were several articles written by the ranters who posts to websites listed at the RantLister.com site. The ranters seem to  enjoy saying how McDonalds taste like vomit etc etc. All these articles talk about the dangers of fast food, how they lead to obesity etc etc.  Well, let's examine what is really wrong with criticizing the fast food industry.

    Fact number 1: Americans spend roughly 140 billion dollars a year on fast food restaurants. That is right: 140 billion a year. You do not spend 140 billion dollars a year on something unless there is a quality to that product which leads us to fact number 2.

  Fact number 2: The reason fast food is so popular is because it tastes good. We the People do not shove $140 billion dollars worth of fast foods unless it taste good. It is simple common sense. Let's think about this by looking at these two scenarios:

    1. A man goes to McDonalds thinking, "Well, I think their food taste like crap but I better go spend my hard earned money on it just so they can keep their profits up in the hundred of millions of dollars a year range. "

   2. A man goes to McDonalds thinking: " I sure love their Big Mac and Fries! It is well worth spending $5 on that meal. Why the heck can't my wife cook as well as McDonald's?

   That is right: scenario number 2 is what is actually happening. We are the fattest nation on earth because we like to eat lots of good food. And the fast food industry satisfies our need for good food. So why is there so much criticism of the fast food industry? The answer lies in fact number 3.

  Fact number 3: 80% of the people who complain about the quality of fast food are made up of moms and wives who are jealous that the fast food industry does a better job of cooking then they do. Face the facts, today's American woman simply do not have the cooking skills that the earlier generations had. Today's American women in general suck at cooking. They lost those valuable cooking skills when they decided having careers was more important than acting like a proper woman.

      In fact, a taste test study that I personally conducted showed that in 1997, on average, the quality of fast food meals exceeded the quality of home cooking. And ironically, one of the main reasons American women are getting fatter is because they are eating more and more fast food each year.

      In conclusion, quit whining about how bad fast food is. Nobody is forcing you to eat fast food so just shut the heck up and let me enjoy my fat laden meal. If you really want to hurt the fast food industry, simply learn to cook better than they can. Hear that women of America? Learn to cook again! Until then I want a Big Mac, two taco supremes, A KFC mashed potato bowl, and a large order of curly fries. And I better get a large Mt.Dew to wash it all down with. Oh, and throw in a Dairy Queen Blizzard, for later of course.


Disclaimer: Mom, in case you are reading this, you are a better cook than any fast food place. Please let me continue to live with you.