A Rant of mikecoon

The Female Teacher- Male Student Sex Epidemic



      Over the last year or so, the media has reported a large number of female teachers having sexual relations with teenage male students. Oh the outcry! Oh the lack of morals! Oh how the teenage male students are being hurt and devastated and scarred for life! Oh please!

    I remember being a teenage student in high school. I also distinctly remember fantasizing having sex with  a couple of my female teachers. I remember having erections lasting a few class periods. And you know what? Never once did I ever think I would be scarred or feel violated or raped if that hot female teacher made me have sex with her. Actually, she would not have made me. I would have done so of my own free will provided I did not bust a nut before I got my clothes off.

    So let me speak on behalf of all normal heterosexual males concerning the matter.

    1. If during high school, a hot female teacher wanted to have sex with me, I would have said yes.

    2. I would not have felt violated.

    3. I would have enjoyed every moment of it.

    4. I would have fond memories of the tryst for the rest of my life.

    5. Any teenage male student out there who disagree with me is a budding homosexual who is fantasizing about having sex with male teachers.

    6. Any grown man out there who disagrees with me is a homosexual who did have sex with a male teacher during high school.

So to all the teenage male students banging a hot female high school teacher, I salute you.