A Rant of mikecoon

 Female Celebrities



      What is the deal with everyone criticizing female celebrities? Why are we wasting time pointing out all the flaws and such about every female celebrity? Is it my understanding that you critics are actually trying to accomplish something here?

    What would you be trying to accomplish writing an article criticizing , lets say, Paris Hilton? Let see.

     1. Hope Paris Hilton will read your article and change her ways? If this one is true, you are truly stupid. I am truly laughing thinking about this right now. Hehe

     2. Hope people who do not like Paris will think you are cool for criticizing Paris Hilton? Paris has not done any harm to anyone so the people who do not like her must be jealous of her. Jealous people are losers themselves.

     3. Hope people will realize Paris is not a role model and to protect their children from her influence? The best way to do this for parents to actually be good parents by being involved in their kids lives and teaching well. They do not need a stinking article to do that. In fact, if a kid looks up to a drug-using slut of a celebrity, it will be because the parents are bad parents themselves.

     4. Somehow her actions have affected you personally and you want her to stop? Hmmmmm, I suppose if you are one of the very few people she bothers to hang out with, then you might have a point. But I am pretty sure most of the critical articles I have read are written by people Paris would not give the time of day to.

     5. Do not have anything better to do with your life? Now this reason makes sense.

    Okay, so what should we say about female celebrities? Nothing. You see, the true purpose of female celebrities are to look good for us men. That is it. Nothing more. Why do you think 99% of all female celebrities are hot? Gorgeous? Beautiful? Did you actually believe that only good looking women have all the talent and that ugly women have no talent at all? Damn you are stupid. There are plenty of ugly fat women who can sing and act. No doubt about it. It is just that we like our female celebrities to look good.

   So where is this rant leading to? To Mikecoon's law of female celebrity which states: "If a female celebrity look good, she does not have to be anything else". So let's stop wasting time criticizing female celebrities for the way they live their lives and just admire them for their physical beauty.

Disclaimer: I am only referring to the hot female celebrities. Rosie O'Donnell and such better have actual talents to be worth our while.