A Rant of mikecoon

Technical Support Sucks Lately



       Over the last couple of months I have been experiencing a rash of computer related incidents. I attempted to resolve these problems using technical support and guess what? Technical support for all of these incidents have been terrible.

    Incident 1: I have been paying for Yahoo dial up service for about 8 years now at $15 per months, a geocities Webpage at $8 per month for two years, and their Yahoo Music subscription for the last few months. I got the webpage service two years ago because I was taking a webpage design course using Frontpage and then Dreamweaver.  I used my webpage as practice and to screw around etc. Late July, I decided I no longer needed the webpage and decided to cancel. I followed the directions to the letter and thought I had cancelled just the webpage.

     Lo and behold, a couple of hours later, I decided to check my email and guess what? I got a message saying that my Yahoo ID was cancelled. Because my Yahoo ID got cancelled, I could not access my email, my Yahoo messenger, and my Yahoo Jukebox. Now begins my adventure with Yahoo technical support.

    I called up tech support. They asked me for my name and account ID, then they asked if they could call me by my first name. No problem. I explained my problem to him. I told him I just wanted to cancel my webpage and keep my other service. He said that due to a bug in the system, I I had to wait seven days before I could access my other services. At the end of the seven days, I would have access to my services again. So I waited seven days. Guess what? I still could not gain access.

   So I called them back up. They finally agreed that the issue should be escalated to the engineering department and that it would take 3 to 5 days. So I waited four days and still could not access my services. I called them back up and they said that what happened was a known issue for some times and they would call me back tomorrow. Well, they did not call me back so I called them back. Guess what? Because it is a bug, I would have to repurchase my services.

   Finally, I asked them how come if my services were cancelled, they still charged my credit card for the services? Hmmmm. They have a bug in the system that causes you to lose all of your services, yet surprisingly, the bug did not affect billing. How convenient. anyways, I said fuck  it and went to hotmail. I made sure they would not bill me for anything anymore. I am also looking into a different jukebox service.

   Incident 2: I play Serious Sam 1 all the time. Recently, the game have been crashing on me. The only time my computer was crashing lately was when I was playing video games. I figured it must be the video card. So I called up GamePC.com where I bought my computer from. They told me to download the latest drivers. I did and the game still crashed. They said to turn off my antivirus software while playing. I did and the game still crashed. They also said to use my hard drive image I made when the game was not crashing. I did and it still crashed. So they sent me to Nvidia.com.

    I have the XFX Geforce 7950 GX2 extreme card. Well, Nvidia told me the same thing GamePC told me. I went ahead and used a register cleaner and a Nvidia software remover to completely remove all Nvidia software from my machine. I then reinstalled the latest Nvidia software. They also told me to check the wiring and the make sure the fans on the card were not clogged. I did those things and the game still crashed. I even replaced my Norton antivirus with Bit Defender because that antivirus software had a smaller footprint and was less intrusive. The game still crashed.  So they sent me to the manufacturer of the card XFXforce.com.

    I told them of my problems and they recommended the exact same things that Nvidia and GamePC recommended. Well, I decided to research the net and someone in a Serious Sam 1 forum said it was an overheating problem. I decided to underclock my video card and see if that helps. Lo and behold, underclocking my video card to roughly half the factory speed allowed me to play my games without crashing. Thus, demonstrating it was some sort of overheating problem.

   The point is, tech support at XFX, GamePC and Nvidia all got it wrong. Lucky for me, XFX has a lifetime warranty and after about a freaking month, I finally got my new card.

  Incident 3: I have Cingular for my cell phone. I got the most basic plan. I read the plan carefully and unfortunately, I did not notice anything about international calls. I assumed international calls would be about the same as a landline. Silly me.

   A few months later, I made a couple of calls to some friends in New Zealand. To my shock and horror, the calls ran me $190. Holy shit!!!. So logged into my account and reread the plan and found nothing about international calls. I then used the search function to find info on international calls. Guess what? It took me to a page where I could sign up for international call under ATT for a monthly fee of $4 and my calls to New Zealand would have only been $0.08 per minute instead of $350 per minute. The point here is I did not see anything about this service. I had to use the search function to find it.

   Okay, I emailed ATT and let them know I felt like they suckered me into spending $190 by not placing info for their services where I could clearly see it. They basically just said I had no case because I had online access and I had access to the information about international calls. Well, I reread my plan for the third time and I did not find any information on how much international calls would cost. I also did not find any information on what ATT World Connect does. I had to finally use the search function to find the info. The point is the information on international calls was not clearly displayed for me to read.

    Anyway fucking way, I got ATT World connect for $4 per month. I sure am going to miss that $190.

    Update . I got Yahoo music jukebox again. I tried to download and install Rhapsody. Guess what? I had problems downloading the DRM software and had to call tech support to fix it. Well, I said 'fuck that' and just went back to Yahoo Jukebox which installed without a hitch.