A Rant of mikecoon

Black People are Stupid



       The first article in the "people are stupid" series

     Black people are stupid.

     I was reading about the Jena 6 incident the other day. At Jena High school, some black students decided the sit under a tree where white people normally sit. The next day, there were three nooses hanging from the tree. Of course, this caused racial tensions resulting in fights between the races.

    Anyways, this got me thinking about the race issue.

    Why is it when someone commits a racist act, the black community thinks the white man is about to enslave them again?  Just because some racist person does something racist does not mean the whole white community if for it. The truth of the matter is black people use these racist acts as an excuse to commit violent acts which says a lot about the black community.

    If you black people think white people are going to someday enslave you, then you are stupid. For one, slavery has been outlawed. Secondly, there are too many black people with guns. Also, we do not need slaves anymore since we have illegal aliens, prisoners, and the Chinese performing much of our cheap labor. Finally, and you may not believe this, most white people believe slavery is wrong and will not stand for it. It is impossible for slavery to ever come back in this country.

     If you black people think white people hate you the most, then you are stupid. It is black people who hate black people the most.

        - 85% of all crimes committed against black people are committed by their fellow black citizen. Does that not suggest that black people hate black people the most?

       - 60 to 70% of all black babies are born out of wedlock. Does that not suggest that the black man hates his family the most? At least we whiteys provided welfare to help your kids out.

       - More than 9 out of 10 murdered black people were murdered by black people. So who hates black people the most?

       - More than 90% of black women who are raped, are raped by black men. Less than 0.1% are raped by white men. So who hates black women the most?

       - Don't forget, black people use the word 'nigger' more than white people. You black people people ought to be more niggardly with using the word 'nigger'.

    If you think Africa is some wonderful motherland, then you are stupid.  Africa is a drug ridden, war, ridden, AIDS ridden, disease ridden, famine ridden cesspool. If you do not believe me, feel free to move there.

     Finally, Christian black people are the most stupid of them all. You should know that if the black community lived a life pleasing to God, then God himself will make things go well for the black community. If the black community obeyed the golden rule and avoided sexually immorality, would not most of the crime against the black community be eliminated? Would not more Black people go on to get college degrees and better jobs? Would not most black kids grow up in strong and loving families? Yet you idiot black Christians focus on your skin color and not on the Word of God.

    In conclusion, quit being stupid. And quit referring to yourselves as African Americans.