Rant of MikeCoon

Be Informed Before Getting Married

         When you want to catch a fish, you need to use a lure of some sort. A lure, such as a worm, is needed to entice the fish to grab the hook. When the fish bites the hook, he becomes trapped and meets his end. Often times, hunters will use lures like deer pee or deer calls to lure the deer close enough. Once the deer is close enough, then a pull of the trigger later, the deer is dead. To catch a rat, you lure them with cheese or sweets. For dogs, use meat. The point here is that when you want to trap something before killing it, sometimes it is best to use a lure as a means to enticing the prey to let his guard down just long enough for you to spring the trap.

     With this in mind, what the hell do you think women are doing when they act in a sweet and loving matter while you are courting them?  When they dress nice, smell nice, look nice, and maybe go as far as cook for you during courtship? To lure you in just long enough to spring the trap. The trap called marriage. Before you decide to marry, you should first look at all the facts and make an informed decision.

     A place to start with is to watch some of the reality TV shows involving women. For instance, Bridezilla will give you a damn good idea of what your loving and sweet fiancée will transform into after she traps you into marriage. Also, watching The Bachelor will give you a good idea of how women behave behind your back. The Housewives of whatever place demonstrate how women act after they get married. Going to a cattle ranch will show you how much married women will weigh after about 5 years of marriage. Finally, looking at homeless people will show you where you might end up at after a nasty divorce.

    I also recommend you go to dontmarry.com and read some of their articles. You might try listening to Tom Leykis. Learn about how the laws are biased towards women. Some other things to look into before deciding to get married is to simply ask your married male friends and relatives about marriage. In fact, take a survey of them and ask these questions:

1. Did your wife gain a lot of weight whiled married?

2. Has your wife ever used sex as a tool to manipulate you?

3. Has you wife ever maxed out the credit cards without telling you?

4. Are your kids becoming spoiled brats because your wife wont let you spank them?

5. Do you feel you have to spend lots of money on really nice presents to please your wife? Or spend money on a really expensive restaurant because you fear your wife will think of you as cheap? Or do you have to work extra overtime so that your wife will have more spending money?

6. Does your wife mind that you, once in a while, go out with your male buddies?

The results will surprise you. So please, first gather all the facts and make an informed decision before you ask her to marry you.